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Video: Travel the Faroe Islands in a camper van

Traveling in a recreational vehicle has become increasingly more popular in the past year, and the trend seems to only be growing. Among other reasons, the RV is where people feel safe, as they can easily move from one place to the next without having any close contact with other people.

The website Guide to Faroe Islands, a collaboration between more than 50 travel companies and individuals in the Faroe Islands, has released a video, showing how one can travel the Faroe Islands in a camper van.

The video shows an RV driving around amid the spectacular nature of the Faroe Islands.

“Guide to Faroe Islands,” we’re told, “aims to pave the way for a sustainable and well organized travel industry all over the Faroe Islands. The idea is that offering various different services for travelers to enjoy will further develop the Faroe Islands as a travel destination.”

Along with the video, Guide to Faroe Islands has created an in-depth online guide to RV camping in the Faroe Islands for people interested in trying this.


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