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Video: Sunset at Sornfelli Summit

Rising 725 meters above sea level, Sornfelli is one of 45 mountains in the Faroe Islands taller than 700 m, the highest of them stretching up to 880 m. 

Located about a quarter of an hour’s drive from Tórshavn, Sornfelli’s characteristic two white domes on the peak of the mountain — parts of a former military radar station from the Cold War era — can be spotted from a long distance. 

The mountain is accessible by car, almost all the way to the top and the view is truly magnificent, especially on a day with clear skies.

This drone footage was recorded on August 9th around the time of sunset. It was a beautiful day with clear and sunny skies in some places, however stratus clouds covering most of the fjords and valleys. On a day of good visibility, most of the 18 Faroe Islands will indeed be visible from here.

Oddly, really, for the Faroes, even in the summer, not to mention up in the mountains, it was completely windless, with virtually not a straw of grass moving.

Quite a few tourists, domestic as well as foreign, had gathered at the plateau just beneath the summit. They’d be well advised to tread carefully when trekking on the steep western slope of this mountain — you certainly don’t want to slip here.

A truly magic evening on the Sornfelli. What a place to enjoy a Faroese summer sunset.


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