Video: Livar Nysted to row across the Atlantic next year

Shipwright Hanus Jensen is in the process of building the boat, in which Livar Nysted from Hvannasund plans to row across the Atlantic next year.

Hanus Jensen started working on the boat in November, and it’s coming along nicely. Livar Nysted plans to set out on his journey in a year – in January 2021. The plan is to row across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean.

– It might seem strange – setting out on this kind of journey midwinter, but in the Canary Islands it is different. But it is important to make this journey before we get too far into the year. That’s hurricane season in the Caribbean, and you have to beware of that, Livar Nysted said in an interview last year.

The journey is expected to take between 70 and 100 days.

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