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Video: Dronevideo of Gøta (Norðagøta, Gøtugjógv and Syðrugøta)

Gøta is normally used a name to describe 3 villages in Faroe Islands, that all include the name Gøta – Norðagøta (North Gøta), Gøtugjógv (Gøta gorge, the middl one) and Syðrugøta (South Gøta). They are 3 seperate villages, but also have many things together like church and football field.

They are in municipality with Leirvík and Undir Gøtueiði and is the name of the commune Eysturkommuna.

Their old football team was called GÍ, but in 2008 they merged with LÍF to their current team, Víkingur.

The beach in Syðrugøta is very famous for their music festival – G! Festival. G! Festival was founded by 2 locals, Sólarn Solmunde og Jón Tyril in 2002. The festival has been every year since then – it has also been chosen as one of the best festivals in Europe by many magazines. It is cancelled in 2020 due to Corona.

The song in the video is Dreymur by ELINBORG. ELINBORG is the younger sister of Eivør, the most famous singer in the Faroe Islands. ELINBORG and Eivør are from Syðrugøta and have both performed in G! Festivals.


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