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Vatnhamar to represent Faroe Islands at Tokyo Paralympics

Triathlete Hávard Vatnhamar will represent the Faroe Islands at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer, Parasport Faroe Islands reports.

Vatnhamar’s original plan was to qualify for the triathlon at the Tokyo Paralympics; however, owing to the ongoing health crisis, this was not possible for practical reasons and hence he set out to qualify for the marathon instead.

Changing your sport, however, takes time. Having missed the deadline for qualification, Vatnhamar applied for a so-called wildcard qualification, which is given to athletes who due to special circumstances fail to qualify through the regular process — and Vatnhamar has indeed been granted the special qualification for the marathon, Parasport Faroe Islands announced on May 17th.

The Tokyo Paralympics will commence on August 24th with the marathon set to take place on September 5th, the last day of the Games.

This will be the tenth Paralympics since the establishment of the Parasport Faroe Islands, and the Faroese have participated every year since.


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