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Vagar Airport: Number of passengers at its lowest in 15 years

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic devastating air travel across the world throughout 2020, the Faroe Islands has been no exception to the rule.

According to statistics reported by Vagar Airport, just under 180,000 travelers arrived or departed through the Faroe Islands’ sole airport in 2020 — a full 58 percent less than the previous year, which saw more than 424,000 people pass through the terminal gates.

The number of air passengers to and from the Faroe Islands hasnt been this low for 15 years, as per Vagar Airport statistics. In 2005 about 181,000 travelers passed through the airport and with each subsequent year the numbers kept climbing except for a brief period after the 2008 recession — until Covid came along.

The worst month for air travel in the Faroe Islands last year was April, when the tourism industry was severely affected by newly introduced Covid-related restrictions. That month, less than 2,400 people traveled through Vagar. The best month of the year, as usual, was July, with little over 32,000 travelers, a far cry from the almost 64,000 registered during the same month in the previous year.


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