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Vágar Airport not yet affected by COVID-19 outbreak

Image credits: Jens Kr. Vang
Image credits: Jens Kr. Vang

– So far we haven’t yet seen a decline in the number of travellers, but we are aware that a lot of events like concerts, sports events and business conferences in other countries are being cancelled these days. Hence there is no doubt that this will lead to some cancelled trips in the near future, Regin I. Jakobsen, CEO of Vágar Airport said in a statement on Tuesday.

– The COVID-19 outbreak affects all airports and tourist destinations around the world, and it is likely to affect us as well, if this continues, he says.

According to statistics, the number of travellers coming through Vágar Airport had grown by about 10 percent. In January and February of 2020 the number of travellers was 44.113 compared to 40.265 last year.

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