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University of Faroe Islands to offer undergraduate law degree

The University of the Faroe Islands has announced it will offer a law degree at undergraduate level starting fall 2019. The Bachelor degree will take three years to complete. A postgraduate law degree is also on the cards.

Hanna Jensen, Minister of Education and Research, believes it is of utmost importance to prioritise the possibility of acquiring a wide range of degrees from the University of the Faroe Islands. Law is a cornerstone of any society and time has come for the Fare Islands to offer undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees.

The Faroese law degree will be similar to the Danish degree but will offer seminars that focus on matters particularly relevant to the Faroe Islands. It will also emphasise method seminars that are particularly relevant for countries with limited legislative power.

“A Faroese law degree will give lawyers an understanding about matters particularly relevant to the Faroe Islands from the get-go,” says Hanna. “It will allow us to develop a research environment that focuses on the legal system and will meet the demand from the many Faroe Islanders that have shown an interest in studying law in the Faroes. I am delighted that we can now give them this opportunity.”

The application deadline for the undergraduate law degree in the Faroe Islands is 1 July 2019.

In December 2018, the University of the Faroe Islands announced it was offering students the chance to study an art degree.

Words: Levi Hanssen
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