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Undersea tunnel between Suðuroy and Sandoy may become a reality before 2030

Will an undersea tunnel between the islands of Suðuroy-Skúvoy-Sandoy become a reality in the near future?

According to prominent politicians in the Faroe Islands, the answer to that particular question is “yes”.

Several politicians, who are running for the upcoming elections (on June 5 and August 31), among others the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Aksel V. Johannensen, met in Suðuroy-based cultural center “Salt” earlier this month for an election debate.

During the debate, most of the participants agreed on the importance of an undersea tunnel for the Southern Islands.

And many of them even assured that it would become a reality by 2030.

There were only two participants who had different comments, including the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Poul Michelsen of Framsókn (Progress). He said the following:

“As an experienced politician, I have already experienced two economical crisis and I do not feel comfortable in assuring a determined date for the tunnel to be built.”

Finally, the leader of the Cannabis Party, Mr. Arnfinn á Birtuni said: “We will most likely have drones by 2030, and they will transport us from point A to B. Therefore, I believe that tunnels will become unnecessary. But, by all means, give the people what they want.”


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