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Undersea Eysturoy Tunnel toll free introduction extended through January 10th

Driving through Eysturoyartunnilin (the Eysturoy Tunnel) will remain toll free for another ten days, owner-operator Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar says, inviting motorists to try out the new underwater tunnel free of charge through January 10th.

A few days prior to the December 19th grand opening of the giant undersea road tunnel connecting the Faroese capital Tórshavn with the island Eysturoy, thousands of drivers descended on the infrastructure wonder. Underscoring the festive occasion, drivers were offered to use the fixed link toll free for the remainder of the year.

According to news reports, almost 18,000 cars passed through the tunnel in the first 24 hours after the opening.

Following the opening, as a gesture of appreciation, government-held Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar extended the toll free period through January 10th with normal charging commencing on January 11th, according to news daily Portal.fo.

“The board made this decision to give people the opportunity to experience the tunnel for free on a normal day after the holidays are over,” Teitur Samuelsen, CEO of Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar, stated.

Between five and six thousand cars are expected to pass through the tunnel on a daily basis, under normal circumstances, according to Mr. Samuelsen.


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