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Video: Týr lead singer subjected to vitriolic taunts by New York-based anti-whaling activists

Týr lead singer Heri Joensen was approached and insulted last night by a group of anti-whaling activists in Brooklyn, New York City.

The Faroese folk metal band, which is currently on a North American tour with Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius and Aeternam, played a concert at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory where the band’s lead singer was subjected to rather sophisticated taunts (yes, Local.fo exercises its right to use irony).

”You fucking animal abuser. You fucking whale killer. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fuck you”, someone is heard screaming at Heri Joensen, who has previously openly defended the practice of whale hunting in the Faroe Islands.

In a video which has been shared on the Facebook page ”Tyr-whale killers in Brooklyn”, Mr. Joensen is seen smiling as he is being taunted.

On Facebook, one user states that ”we confronted this poser (Heri Joensen) and told him he is not welcome in NY!”. Another points out that ”OMG He makes me sick to look at him!!”, while a third user claims that she ”would like to slap that laugh of his face”.

A fourth user celebrates: ”Yay. Go tell em. Baby face Benson whale murderer. He wasn’t welcome in Germany and will not be welcome all around the world. No one wants psychopathic killers”.

A fifth user claims that ”this man (Heri Joensen) is a sick, twisted animal killing cunt. He is proud to say he takes part in the murdering of hundreds of family members..!! If this cunt of a cunt comes to the UK i will fxcking have him..!!”

However, not everyone seems to be anti-Heri Joensen. One user asks: ”I guess you can’t get your point across without yelling and vulgarity?”, while another one points out that ”the management of the Knitting Factory was made aware of the harassment of a performer by spoiled children, and is taking measures to ensure that it will not happen in the future. Thank you for posting this blatant act of buffoonery to incriminate yourselves. Go back to your nursery and watch your Disney movies!”


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