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Týr, Eivør, Lena Anderssen, Highasakite, Uriah Heep: Faroese music festivals announce lineups

“We don’t have to look to distant places to find good music to enjoy and sing along to,” claim the organizers of a new Faroese music festival, Okkara Land (“Our Land”), which was announced in late February. Okkara Land is “a Faroese event, strictly for adults”, we’re told. “We wanted an event that was targeted at adults who love to sing along to great songs that fantastic Faroese musicians have written over the years.” Accress to the event is for people over 18 only, according to website okkaraland.fo.

The new festival, to be held at Marknagil in Tórshavn on June 1st, will feature rock band Týr of international fame, plus Sway, Signar í Homrum, Eyðun Nolsøe, and Danny & the Veetos. The event will be hosted by Jákup Magnussen and Herborg Torkilsdóttir.

According to KvF, a portion of the proceeds from the ticket sale will be donated to charity, and this year’s recipient is the organization Barnabati, which works to improve the lives of children and young adults in the Faroes.

Alongside Okkara Land, several other festivals will, of course, take place around the Faroes again this summer.

Syðrugøta’s G! Festival, slated for July 18th to 20th, has announced artists such as Highasakite (Norway), Alice Boman (Sweden), Eivør (Faroe Islands), Einangran (Faroe Islands), and Of Monsters and Men (Iceland).

Klaksvík’s Summar Festival, scheduled for August 8th to 10th, will feature live performances from Uriah Heep (UK), Olly Murs (UK), RSP (Faroe Islands), and Lena Anderssen (Faroe Islands).

Tórsfest, which takes place in Tórshavn on 26 July, will feature artists like Rasmus Seebach (Denmark), Dynamit (Faroe Islands), Hamradun (Faroe Islands), and Nik Kershaw (UK).

Voxbotn, taking place in the Faroese capital on June 29th, will feature Justin Jesso (US), Tobias Rahim (Denmark), and Peter A.G. (Denmark).


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