Two passengers on Norrøna test positive for COVID-19 in Iceland

Nørruna (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)
Nørruna (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)

Two passengers who arrived in Iceland aboard the Faroese ocean liner, Norrøna, on Thursday have tested positive for COVID-19, according to Morgunblaðið’s website.

According to Icelandic police, one of the two passengers had already been notified of their condition before the departure, so they were never in contact with any other passengers or members of the crew.

Whether the person is someone who was previously sick and still had remains of the virus in their bloodstream remains to be seen. The other passenger who tested positive was diagnosed aboard the Norrøna yesterday. The person is currently in quarantine, but also in this case, the positive test result is thought to be due to signs of an older infection.

643 people arrived in Iceland on the Norrøna yesterday, and about 400 tests were conducted.

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