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Two fishermen missing after rogue wave sinks longliner ‘Kambur’

Search and rescue operations began in rough seas off the island Suðuroy earlier today following reports from freezer longliner Kambur of a catastrophic encounter with a ‘rogue’ wave, with two sailors missing.

At about 10am, 14 out of the 16 crew and officers of the fishing vessel had been rescued and brought by helicopter to the infirmary on Suðuroy for medical examination and observation, according to emergency care services.

Moments after the evacuation of the 14 fishermen, the Kambur went under and sank.

“Around 7 o’clock this morning the Kambur sent out a distress signal,” the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center reported. “The vessel had taken a severe list and the plan was to abandon ship and enter the rafts.”

“Vessels situated in the area immediately set course towards the location of Kambur,” the MRCC further said. “MRCC sent out MayDay Relay to provide information on the situation. The [coast guard vessel] Brimil and the [search and rescue] helicopter were informed as well as other vessels that were in the vicinity. However the situation deteriorated so rapidly on board the Kambur that before the first units reached the location, Kambur had taken such a severe list that the crew were standing on the side of the ship.”

The SAR helicopter initially managed to rescue 13 crew members off the side of the vessel and had them taken to the Suðuroy Hospital, before returning to the distressed longliner to rescue a further fisherman remaining on the doomed ship.

“The total crew was 16 so two men are missing,” the MRSS said. “Search for the missing is being arranged under the coordination of Brimil. Current conditions in the area are unfavorable.”

At 10:30am the Kambur had taken so much water that it went down and disappeared in the deep, MRCC director Óli Hans Olsen told broadcaster KvF.

“The vessel has sunk and emergency workers are searching for the two men, who are 47 and 57 years old, respectively,” police noted in a subsequent press briefing.

Efforts to find the two missing fishermen were still ongoing in the evening with vessels from several countries involved alongside two fixed-wing aircraft from Iceland and Denmark, according to news reports.

Tragedy confirmed as efforts to find missing fishermen end


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