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Two fatal road accidents reported in Faroe last year

After years of historically low road traffic-related fatality rates in the Faroe Islands, including two years with no fatalities, the trend has sadly changed for the worse. According to the Faroese Road Safety Council, two road traffic deaths were reported in 2022.

In August, a 75-year old man in Tórshavn was fatally injured after being hit by a vehicle when crossing the street; another car accident claimed the life of a 19-year old man near Hvalvík, Eysturoy, in November, when his motor vehicle collided with another one.

“Two fatal accidents are two accidents too many,” the Road Safety Council noted. “It’s a loss for society, but more than that it’s a human loss.”

Since the first road traffic fatality was reported in the Faroes in 1928, a total of 292 people have died in such accidents.

In recent years, there have been fewer serious road accidents and fewer fatalities, however the total number of accidents appears to remain relatively stable.

“In 2022, the Faroe Islands Police registered 33 road traffic accidents with injured parties,” the RSC added. “Over the past ten years, the annual number has remained at about 30-35.”


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