TROM creator: A shame if we have to shoot the series in Iceland

Torfinnur Jákupsson, the creator of the crime TV series TROM, would prefer that the series be shot in the Faroe Islands, where it takes place. However, if the necessary funding isn’t secured soon, that will no longer be an option.

– We can’t afford to wait anymore, and it’d be a shame if we were forced to move the production to Iceland, because we’ve always intended for the production to be as Faroese as possible. It would also be best, if the series were to be shot in the Faroe Islands, he says.

The TROM project is something, which is very close to his heart, and he spent years working on the project alone before securing a production deal in 2018. The actual filming is planned for next year and the final preparations will be made this autumn.

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