Trial run in new section of SEV’s Sund power plant has begun

So much progress has been made with the expansion of the Sund power plant, Station 3, that the planned trial run of the new engines has finally begun. The trial run is 60 days, and if everything goes according to plan, Station 3 will be handed over to SEV in April.

According to SEV, Station 3 is very important for the company’s security of supply to the isolated Faroese island community, and the basis for the expansion of the green course.

The Sund power plant will be capable of supplying electrical power to the entire country in the event of a lack of green energy. Hence the Sund power plant will serve as a stable source of energy, while the expansion of the green course continues.

The goal is for the Faroe Islands to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

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