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Travellers at Vágar Airport will now get tested inside the terminal

Since 27 June, all travellers have been required to get tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in the Faroe Islands, and until this Saturday, the testing took place in a tent outside the terminal. But Friday was the last day inside the tent.

From now on, the testing will be done inside the terminal, partly due to the weather, which has gotten colder and wetter now that summer is over. But according to Marita Debess Magnussen, CEO of Thetis, the tent was always supposed to be temporary.

When people arrive to claim their baggage they’ll be asked to go past customs in small groups to get tested. Shortly before the first plane of the day arrived at Vágar Airport, the Thetis CEO told Portal.fo that she was sure this was the better solution.

But travellers aren’t the only ones getting tested for COVID-19 at the airport. Other people living in the area can also schedule a test at Thetis’s test station. According to Marita Debess Magnussen, people can still arrange to get tested at the airport but they will be tested in the old terminal, she says.

No new COVID-19 cases have been registered in the Faroe Islands since Friday, hence the number of confirmed cases is still 413, and the number of recoveries is still 379, leaving 34 active cases.

The only new development is that one of the two patients hospitalized with COVID-19 has been discharged.

718 tests were conducted yesterday, meaning a total of 101.926 tests have now been conducted in the Faroe Islands.


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