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Tragedy confirmed as efforts to find missing fishermen end

Search efforts in connection with the shipwreck of Faroese longliner Kambur have been discontinued after four days, with two out of 16 fishermen still missing and assumed deceased.

The search and rescue operation has been concluded,” the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center reported earlier today. The report included a short diary of the effort, marking February 10th as the final day. “[Coast guard vessels] Brimil and Tjaldrið searched throughout the day until 1900 hours, when search ended.”

The effort was initiated on February 6th following an early morning distress call sent out by the Kambur, situated in an area to the southwest off the island Suðuroy. The fishing vessel had been hit by a rogue wave which initially caused it to list, then a couple of hours later to be taken down to the bottom of the sea.

“It can be said with relative certainty at this point that no person remains alive out there,” MRCC senior officer Edvard Bjarnason told broadcaster KvF on February 9th.

With the search and rescue mission officially ended, hopes of finding the two missing fishermen alive, one 47-year old and one 57-year old, have faded.

Our hearts go out to their families and loved ones even as communities across the Faroe Islands have been left in shock and sorrow.


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