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Tórshavn’s smiling roundabout wins international award

The smiling P.M.T. from the Faroe Islands has won UKRAS’ International roundabout of the year award 2019.

The committee of the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society (UKRAS) writes in a press release to Local.fo that for the first time ever it has gone for a P.M.T. (painted mini traffic-island), albeit a very happy one.

“In fact this mini-roundabout is billed as the happiest roundabout in the world,” states the committee, adding:

“Never underestimate the importance of the humble P.M.T. Developed by the late great Frank Blackmore, this wonderfully tiny piece of road engineering works so effectively, filtering traffic in an efficient, green and cheap way, with hardly no maintenance required whatsoever.

“How could any driver approaching this Faroe traffic island not have a smile on his or her own face.

“Indeed our president Kevin Beresford aka Lord of the Rings also goes on record with his adage,

“A roundabout is an oasis on a sea of tarmac.”

The winning roundabout – located in Tórshavn, the capital city of the Faroe Islands – has been granted the December page and front cover in UKRAS’ world-wide selling calendar – ‘ROUNDABOUTS OF THE WORLD’ 2020 calendar.


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