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Tórshavn’s new plan for East Harbour features new national theatre with Tinganes and Skansin ‘more integrated’

The City Council of Tórshavn has passed a new ‘General Development Plan’ for the area between Tinganes and Skansin, also known as the East Harbour.

“In the years ahead, conditions for business in the area will be undergoing such change that a new development plan for its organization was necessary,” the municipal council stated.

The newly passed development plan will focus on “Arts and culture; small businesses, cafés and restaurants; tourism related services; transportation and related information services; local landmarks (Tinganes & Skansin),” we’re told.

Thus there will be a new square across from Tinganes, which will form a center for arts and culture, transportation, small businesses and more, and will be used on special occasions such as Ólavsøka and other holidays and festivities.

According to the municipality’s website, the plan will ensure improved access for small ships and sail boats a as well as making room for activities on shore with space for musical events and theatre, plus providing for an ice skating rink.

As Smyril Line will move its business further out to the new Fort Wharf, and SL ferry Smyril eventually will be taken off the timetable once the future road tunnel to Suðuroy has been built, the current ferry terminal is to be replaced by a more modern and suitable one.

Thus the area is set to maintain its role as a center for public transportation with busses and the Nólsoy ferry, while at the same time taking on a more pedestrian-friendly and greener look and feel. According to the the municipal council, maintaining the public transportation center is of great importance to the East Harbour area, thereby securing a steady stream of traffic and continued relevance for the area.

Most notably, a new national theatre will be placed in the area where the current ferry terminal is located.

With Tórshavn’s new development plan, Tinganes and Skansin, which have felt somewhat cut off, are expected to become ‘more integrated’ with the town.


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