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Tórshavn seminar on ‘Hydrogen, Towards a Zero-Emission Fleet’ to discuss ‘zero-emission work boats’

A seminar on zero-emission work boats will be held on October 27th in Tórshavn. Hosted by the HUGE project, the seminar will discuss “the scope for developing zero-emission work boats for the near shore area and an initial business case for hydrogen,” according to a news release.

“The HUGE project is hosting a hybrid seminar on zero-emission work boats on 27 October 2021,” the release read. “The event will be held in-person at the University of the Faroe Islands and will be live-streamed on the HUGE YouTube channel.”

“The transition from fossil fuels to zero-emission fuels in the marine sector is a challenging task,” it was further noted. “Whilst onshore development of renewable energy sources and full electrification of the energy sector is taking place, other solutions have to be developed for the marine sector.”

The announcement added: “Electric boats and ferries are being developed but for more extensive activities we are looking at hydrogen-based fuels-pressurized hydrogen, cryogenic hydrogen or ammonia. The Faroe Islands are electrically isolated — i.e. no power connections to neighboring countries. With increasing amounts of intermittent renewable energy sources, especially wind energy, solutions must be found to store energy and stabilize the power system. By production of green hydrogen from surplus wind energy, the electrolyzer, in addition to producing hydrogen, can also deliver system services to the power grid.”


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