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Tórshavn receives only 840 hours of sunshine per year

Tórshavn is the biggest town and the capital of Faroe Islands. The town lies on the southern part of the east coast of Streymoy, the largest island. The city borders two mountains: Mt. Húsareyn (1,138 ft) on the northwest and Mt. Kirkjubøreyn (1,150 ft), on the southwest. Tórshavn ranks among the cloudiest places on the planet. It records an average of only 2.4 hours of sunshine per day and 840 hours per year. The city experiences mild winter temperatures due to the cloudy weather and ice-free water that surrounds it. Tórshavn has a subpolar oceanic climate. It has mean summer highs of 12°C and average winter highs of around 6°C. Winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing. Tórshavn experiences the highest monthly precipitation during fall and winter.

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