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Tórshavn municipality: Remember to wear your masks on the bus

Since 26 August, masks have been a requirement on the busses in Tórshavn municipality.

The decision to require all passengers – children as well as adults – to wear masks was made in order to allow more passengers aboard the city busses.

According to the municipality’s website, children and young adults are good at following the mask rule, but that is not always the case with older people. Hence Tórshavn municipality wants to remind people that the mask is still a requirement, even if COVID-19 is no longer at large in the community.

The corona consultancy has pointed out that on average three planes from Copenhagen arrive in the Faroe Islands every day, and all the recent cases, which have been discovered at the airport, originated from Copenhagen.

The possibility that the virus could spread among the people again is therefore still present. For this reason people are asked to take the situation seriously and to follow the young people’s example by wearing a mask on the bus, Tórshavn municipality says.

The current number of passengers allowed on each bus is still 25.


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