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Tórshavn celebrates longest-serving mayor in Kingdom of Denmark

As of January 1st 2023, Mayor of Tórshavn Heðin Mortensen will have served as a member of the Municipal Council of Tórshavn for 50 years, the longest consecutive period on record anyone has served as municipal councilor anywhere in the Faroes and beyond — that is, even including Denmark.

What’s more, according to the official website of the Municipality of Tórshavn, another record-breaking achievement by Mayor Mortensen is attributed to the fact that he is now at the mid of his fourth term as mayor.

Provided Mr. Mortensen remains a municipal councilor for the remainder of the current term, which ends on January 1st, 2025, he will have served on Tórshavn’s Council for 52 years, reportedly making him the longest serving member of any municipal council not only in the Faroes but in the entire Kingdom of Denmark, which comprises the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Greenland.

Having reached the ripe age of 76 years by now, Mr. Mortensen was first elected for the Council on December 8th, 1972. He first became Mayor of Tórshavn in 2005 and remained at the helm until 2017, to return in 2021.

Mr. Mortensen is a well-known public figure in the Faroes, not least in the context of sports; notably, he served for many years as chair of ĺtróttasamband Føroya (ĺSF), the umbrella organization for the island nation’s sports associations.

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Mr. Mortensen, the Council will organize a grand reception at Høllin á Hálsi on February 3rd, with the Tórshavn Music School on February 25th giving a public concert at Hátun in honor of the long-serving Mayor.


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