Top 11 tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands revealed


According to Guide to Faroe Islands, the most popular tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands are, perhaps not surprisingly, on the island of Vágar – in close proximity to Vágar Airport, the one and only airport in the country. was launched last June and as of today the website offers 100 tours – including hiking tours, boat tours, fishing tours and cultural activities. It is the largest collaboration in the travel industry in the Faroe Islands.

These are the top 11 tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands, according to
1. Múlafossur, Gásadalur
2. Trælanípa
3. Bøsdalafossur, Vágar
4. Geituskoradrangur, Bøsdalafossur
5. The village of Saksun
6. Kallur Lighthouse
7. Hvíthamar, above the village of Funningur
8. The village of Gjógv
9. The village of Tjørnuvík
10. Ásmundarstakkur, west of the village Sandvík
11. Vestmannabjørgini, cliffs west of the village Vestmanna)

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