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Three men sentenced in Faroe’s largest-ever cannabis smuggling case

The Court of the Faroe Islands has sentenced two men to two years and three months and two years an seven months in prison, respectively, for smuggling approximately 50 kilograms of hash to the Faroes, while a third man—a Lithuanian citizen—was deported and banned from entering the islands for three years.

In August 2023, the three men were arrested and detained after police seized nearly 30 kg of cannabis at the Mjørkadalur detention center.

Police investigations found that the chunk of hash was part of a haul of 50 kg of the illegal drug, smuggled into the Faroes in May 2023. According to the police, this is the single largest amount of cannabis that the court has ever dealt with, at an estimate street value of about 12.5 to 15 million DKK (around two mn. EUR).

According to a statement released by the Faroe Islands Police, the police suspected that the Faroese men had contributed to the smuggling and were in charge of selling the stuff in the country. The Lithuanian man, who apparently came to the Faroes to collect money from the dealing, is also suspected of being part of a network that orchestrated the smuggling. When the Lithuanian was in the Faroes last July, he had held in captivity, threatened and assaulted other Faroese individuals. According to the police, he and others were seemingly looking to find the cannabis which, according to them, had been stolen by the Faroese.

One of the two men sentenced on Tuesday was handed a shorter sentence after pleading guilty and cooperating with the police during the investigation. 

As for the Lithuanian, the court did not deem that the prosecutor had produced sufficient proof to find him guilty of participating in the smuggling and the sale of the cannabis; however, he was sentenced to four months for other charges, among them assault. Likewise he was ordered to be deported and received a three year ban from traveling to the Faroes

The court also ordered the confiscation of BMW cars and several smartphones which the Faroese men had purchased with money from the drug dealing, along with 200,000 DKK (26,800 EUR) in cash.


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