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Three Faroese persons listed among 100 wealthiest in Kingdom of Denmark

Naming three persons from the Faroes included this year, Danish financial magazine Økonomisk Ugebrev earlier this month published its annual list of the top 100 richest persons and families in the Kingdom of Denmark, which includes Denmark, Greenland and Faroe.

Ranked at number 52 on the list, we find Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen and his mother, Oddvør Jacobsen, who own a combined 16 percent of the salmon farming company, and reportedly have a current net worth of 3.8 billion DKK (0.5 bn. EUR).

According to media reports, this is the third consecutive year the mother-and-son duo appears on the top 100 richest-person list.

The pair’s fortune, however, appears to have shrunk quite markedly since the published top 100 list of 2021, when their official net worth amounted to as much as 5.1 bn. DKK (0.7 bn. EUR), placing them at number 34 out of 100 a year ago.

With a net worth of 2.1 bn. DKK (0.3 bn. EUR), a third Faroese person appearing at number 87 on the latest top 100 list over the Kingdom of Denmark’s richest, is Rúni Bro Róin, of investment firm Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). 


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