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This Week’s Hot Seat: Krongrak from Thailand

My name is Krongrak Jøkladal, originally from Thailand. I am 43 years old and married with Tróndur Jøkladal. Together, we have a 3-year-old son, whose name is Brandur Krongrak Jøkladal.

When and why did you move to the Faroe Islands?
I moved to Faroe Islands in 2009 as I needed to have a family, a child and a perfect family as people do.

What was your first impression of the Faroe Islands and the Faroese people?
My first impression of the Faroe Islands and Faroese people was how beautiful the Islands were (and still are). It was a beauty like I had never seen before. And it was also striking to see how kind people were.

What’s the best thing about the Faroe Islands and the Faroese people?
The best thing about the Faroe Islands is how safe it is, the fresh air, the good water, and how friendly people are.

What’s the worst thing about the Faroe Islands and the Faroese people?
What worst thing about the Faroes is the cold, the darkness in the winter and the bad weather. It is also expensive to live here.

What are the differences between the Faroe Islands and your home country?
The weather. In the Faroe Islands it is very cold. But then it is also the food, the culture, the religion & the language.

Thailand is a warm country. The food culture in Thailand is different. Thai people like to eat rice three (3!!) times a day, vegetables, spicy food, garlic, meat, and lots of ingredients. And also, the way of cooking is not the same.

Do you like Faroese music? If yes, what are your favorite bands?
I do not know so much about music or who is singing but I normally listen to the radio and like Faroese songs. I just know one singer and that is Eivør.

Do you like Faroese food? If yes, what are your favorite dishes?
I like Foroese food, lamb & ræst kjøt (fermented meat).

What are your strengths/weaknesses?
My strength is positive thinking. Nothing is ever perfect, and I try to be in the present moment and do my best.

My weakness is to remember things for a very long time and I am very sensitive with thing laying around.

Which other countries have you been to?
Laos, America, England, German, France, Panama, Egypt & Belgium.

Favorite book?
Book about history of everything in the world. And book about Buddha.

Favorite movie?
Game of Thrones.
Lord of the rings.

What advice would give to foreigners who plan to move to the Faroe Islands?
Try to learn Faroese language.
Do not work on Sundays.
Do not be shy to ask.
Get to know Faroese culture.

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