“This inhumane treatment of animals is staged by Sea Shepherd to expose the Faroese people as barbarians,” claims Whalers Association board member

Hans J. Hermansen, a board member of The Faroese Whalers Association, has stunningly accused Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of staging the barbaric killing of two dolphins during the September 11 dolphin slaughter, which took place in the village of Hvalvík.

A video, which emerged on Youtube in the wake of the slaughter, sparked international outrage as it, rather controversially, captured a man spending several minutes trying to kill one of the dolphins by stabbing it with a knife – which is clearly against the law of whale hunting in the Faroe Islands.

Faroese authorities have still not been able to identify the man in question.

However, Hans J. Hermansen believes Sea Shepherd were responsible for the inhumane treatment of the two dolphins.

He released a statement on the incident earlier today: “It has been impossible to identify the person(s) we are trying to find and get hold of. SS tries make a scapegoat of another person for the suffering of the animals, but he is NOT the same person, who maltreats the whales in front of the camera. Therefore, it is beyond any doubt that this inhumane treatment of animals is staged by the SS to expose the Faroese people as barbarians where it is solely a sport to kill these animals. This is a well-known method used by the SS in other cases around the world,” Mr. Hermansen pointed out.

He added rather ominously: “The SS has the answer to who the person is, “trying” to kill the animals. They can identify the person(s) we are trying to find in order to prosecute them for violating the Faroese animal welfare law and the law of catching whales…It is very important for us to find the person(s) who, for several minutes, maltreated one animal, pretending to try to kill it.”

Mr. Hermansen is seemingly not alone in believing that the stabbing of the defenseless dolphins was premeditated as local sheriff Karl Johansen, who had the primary responsibility for the September 11 dolphin slaughter, appeared to suggest in the wake of the slaughter that the barbaric killing had been staged by Sea Shepherd.

Mr. Johansen told Dimma.fo: “In this case we know that it was a member or representative of Sea Shepherd who recorded the video…and we know how this organization works.”

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