Thetis is Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

Image credits: Íverksetarahúsið
Image credits: Íverksetarahúsið

This year’s award for Entrepreneur of the Year went to the company, which thanks to their testing work during the COVID-19 pandemic gained nation-wide fame. Thetis.

– The company has acquired a lot of knowledge during many years, and has constantly been ready to take on new challenges when needed. The most recent example of this is the big role they played in the COVID-19 testing. Perseverance and courage have been their characteristics, and the company has shown great flexibility to meet the huge demands of the society and its consumers.

These were among the reasons that Thetis was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 on Thursday.

This honour was given to Farpay last year and to Gómagott in 2018.

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