“Their last and best chance is to find another man who can make her pregnant” – Watch the trailer for brutal social realist Faroe drama here

Richard Hoberts drama movie The Birdcatchers Son (Fågelfångarens son) will have its premiere April 5 in Sweden.

Whats so special about the movie is that it was shot in the Faroe Islands last year – in Bøur & Gásadalur on the island of Vágar, as well as at Vágar Airport.

Set in 1820s Faroe Islands, the movie follows Esmar and his wife Johanna. The farmer Esmar’s lease will expire in the fall. If Esmar and Johanna have no son, the landholder Såmal will take their house. Because Johanna has just given birth – not to a baby boy, obviously -, they decide that their last and best chance is to find another man who can make Johanna pregnant.

They eventually choose a French captain as their friend in need. The captain agrees to help. He leaves but comes back 9 years later.

It is still unclear when the movie will be released for the Faroese public to see.

The languages spoken in the movie are Swedish, Danish, French & Faroese.

See movie trailer above.

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