The Faroe Islands are featured in new interactive game, Wanderlust Travel Stories

Wanderlust Travel Stories is a new interactive game that lets anyone experience the joy of travel. The game has been nominated in six (6!) categories by Game Connection America, including “2019 Best Indie Game” and “2019 Best Story/Storytelling”.

In the new digital app, the player can visit numerous places around the world – the Faroe Islands among others.

Different Tales, the creators of the new game, state that “in our digital app…you can feel a sense of awe and discovery as you visit a hot Thai marketplace or the peaceful Antarctic seas.

Explore jewels of the world, from Bangladesh to Congo, from Papua New Guinea to Faroe Islands. Lead your characters through life-changing travels, make choices that will change your perception of the world, because it’s about your inner journey as well. It’s a game to play when you’re traveling – or wish that you were. You don’t have to hurry. Take in the world. Let the journey change you,” roar the creators of the game.

In the the game, you take the role of various modern travelers, live their adventures and shape their stories.

You can see the game’s trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ASrKo-yVZ4

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