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Teistin to use experimental underwater wings

Teistin, the ferry which connects the islands of Streymoy and Sandoy, will soon be using experimental underwater wings to help it generate additional forward propulsion in rough water.

That is according to Maritimejournal.com.

The wavefoils on the front of the ship enable the waves to contribute to propelling the ship forward. This reduces fuel consumption. At the same time, the foils can dampen some of the pitching and heaving motion from the waves and provide a more comfortable journey, writes Maritimejournal.com.

The design has been developed by Eirik Bøckmann, who won the regional finals of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Researchers’ Grand Prix with a lecture on wave-propelled ships in 2013.

“SSL’s 45 metre long ferry M/F Teistin turned out to be made to order for our pilot module. Teistin’s route sees a lot of really rough Atlantic weather come straight in from the west. Our foil module fits perfectly in the ferry’s forepeak tank,” said Bøckmann.

In August, the pilot module is scheduled to be transported to the Faroe Islands and the installation begins on M/S Teistin on September 1.


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