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Team Faroe falls short of getting to 2025 World Men’s Handball Championship

The Faroese national team has failed by a small margin to qualify for the 2025 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship following Sunday’s 34-26 loss in the away match against North Macedonia, in Skopje, North Macedonia.

A few days earlier, the Faroese had beaten North Macedonia by seven goals, 34-27, in Tórshavn, however with North Macedonia winning the second match by eight goals, the Faroese missed out by a tiny margin on participation in the world championship.

The days leading up to the match were not without drama, as foggy weather in Vágar prevented team Faroe from catching their flight to Denmark on Friday as planned. Faced with the potential scenario that the fog might not clear in time for them to make it to Skopje on time—thus by default making North Macedonia the winner of the match—the Faroese had to wait for 24 hours in Vagar before finally taking off. So on Saturday afternoon the team were at last able to catch a flight to Billund, Denmark, from whence they were taken by a chartered plane direct to the North Macedonian capital.

Next on the agenda for the Faroese team is two test matches against Japan, slated to be played in Tokyo in July. Later this year, the Faroese will focus on Men’s EHF Euro 2026 qualifiers against Kosovo and Ukraine, according to the Handball Federation of the Faroe Islands.

Faroese goal scorers in Sunday’s match:
• Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 8
• Leivur Mortensen 4
• Hákun West av Teigum 3
• Teis Horn Rasmussen 3
• Óli Mittún 2
• Vilhelm Poulsen 2
• Kjartan Johansen 1
• Pætur Mikkjalsson 1
• Pauli Mittún 1
• Tróndur Mikkelsen 1


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