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Take part in a photo competition for young people in the Nordic countries and earn DKK 25.000

Norden.org, press release: In the Nordic Council of Ministers, we make use of many photographs in our publications and presentations, in our campaigns and events on social media, and on our website at norden.org. We would therefore like to invite young people in the Nordic countries to contribute to our photo archive. The competition is open to all young people aged 30 and under.

The photographs should represent equal opportunities, digitalisation, people with disabilities, democracy or integration. If your photo idea is selected, you will receive DKK 25,000 for your work. We will select a total of eight of the submitted proposals – one from each of the Nordic countries, plus one each from Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The pictures will be added to our photo archive, where all interested persons will be able to download them and use them as they please. Our only requirement is that users credit the photographer.

Your photos
The photographs must comply with the guidelines set out in our design manual: http://design-en.norden.org/images

It is especially important that you read the section on life in the Nordic countries. We are looking for photos of all kinds of people in the Nordic region.

The photos must, as mentioned, depict one of the five areas listed below. For each area we have written some cue words that you can use as a starting-point. You are also welcome to make suggestions for other motifs yourself, but they must lie within one of the five areas.

As mentioned, we will be using the photos for many different purposes: website, publications, social media, presentations, campaigns and events. They must be capable of being used in both small and large formats, together and separately. It is therefore important that there is a certain composure about the photos. Some photos may show ‘the big picture’, while others may show details in close up.

Equal opportunities
– Violence against women
– The MeToo movement
– Men in ‘women’s’ professions or women in ‘men’s’ professions
– Women in management positions
– Parents on parental leave
– Flexibility for parents of small children (working hours, working from home)

– Intelligent traffic regulation
– The intelligent home
– Artificial intelligence
– Digital health solutions
– Digital social solutions

Disabled persons
– Family life
– Everyday life
– Conferences, meetings, working life
– School and education
– Leisure time (travel, exercise, nature, public transport)
– Participation in political life

– At the workplace
– Young people in leisure-time activities
– Children, young people and adults in school/education
– Immigrants and non-immigrants in conversation or taking part in joint activities
– Run-down housing areas

– Involvement
– Dialogue between people
– Participation
– Activism

Write a brief description of your idea, a little about the location and about when you plan to take your photos. You should also include a short text about yourself. We would like to see photos that you have taken in other contexts. You should collect these in a PDF file, and send it all to graphic designer Mette Agger Tang at mettan@norden.org by 1 May 2019. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to write. We will reply to everyone – both the lucky winners and the other entrants.

If we choose your idea
– You must yourself enter into any agreements that may be necessary when choosing locations.
– You must also make sure that the people in the photographs sign a GDPR form, which you can obtain from us.
– Please note that the Nordic Council of Ministers will hold all rights to your photographs in future.
– Send us at least 25 photos before 1 October 2019.
– Once we have received your photos, we will deposit DKK 25,000 into your account.

This article was originally published on Norden.org
Image credits: Justin Main


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