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‘Take a stand for the love of green’ – Clean up Faroes goes on the offense; zero waste’s the ambition

We all know “Let’s Do It! World”, a global civic movement that started from Estonia, asking people worldwide, including Faroe Islanders, to join a series of local, national and regional clean-up events.

Thankfully, it would appear that the inhabitants of the North Atlantic archipelago have heeded this particular call for action.

In 2017, the non-governmental organization Rudda Føroyar (Clean up the Faroes) was namely founded, with the overarching purpose of holding an annual clean-up day in the Faroe Islands.

In short, Rudda Føroyar seeks to motivate, inspire and educate Faroe Islanders toward sustainability. What is more, the organization calls on politicians and companies to go green.

Sigrún Mohr and Elin Lindenskov are the founding mothers of Rudda Føroyar.

While Sissal Carlsdóttir á Lag is currently the Communications and Social Media Manager of the organization:

“Wed heard of the World Cleanup Day and wanted to make a difference for our own beautiful little country. Since 2017, the organization has developed a lot, and we receive great support,” explains Sissal.

The annual clean-up day, which takes place in September, is obviously THE main activity, and the campaign has indeed won the hearts and minds of many locals. Last September, several hundred Faroe Islanders around the country took to the streets to clean up their nation.

In addition to the clean-up day, Rudda Føroyar is, rather excitingly, in the process of arranging a conference on the devastating effects of plastic pollution. The details are not yet in place, but the organization hopes that the conference will take place in the near future.

Currently, Rudda Føroyar has 10-15 volunteers, including some coordinators as well as a couple of board members. All of them work continuously to achieve the primary goal, which is to bring together 5% of the Faroese people for the annual clean-up day.

“Anyone who is passionate about the green vision and has the time and energy to contribute is welcome to join our team,” states Sissal.

Sissal adds that Rudda Føroyar has volunteers from all sorts of academic backgrounds:

“We have a volunteer with a legal background, a graphic designer, a biology student, communication people, one who studies environmental biology and so on and so forth, so it’s really a mixed group.”

However, the most important thing is that you have an interest in the environment and sustainability,” emphasizes Sissal.

The main long-term goal of the organization is to achieve “Zero Waste in the Faroese nature”.

Sissal has this genuine advice for all people:

“Believe that your own habits of consumption make a difference to the environment. Everything makes a difference. If in doubt, you can always follow the 5 R’s of Zero Waste:”

  • Refuse
  • Reduce
  • Reuse (+repair)
  • Recycle
  • Rot (compost)

Rudda Føroyar does not receive financial support from the Faroese government. However, it does receive financial aid from various companies and foundations from around the country.

“Obviously, we are very grateful for this enormous goodwill. Last year, Betri Bank was our main sponsor, and so far this year we have received support from Articon, Vónin, and Poul Hansen (three Faroese companies),” explains Sissal.

Who firmly believes in a cleaner and greener Faroe Islands.


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