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Survey: Most Faroese families are keeping to themselves this Easter

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people have, among other things, been advised against larger gatherings, to minimize the risk of infection, and this affects the Easter holiday.

According to a survey that conducted for, most people are spending Easter with their closest relatives instead of meeting up with extended family and friends.

500 randomly selected people took the survey on Monday, answering the question, “What are your plans for social gatherings this Easter?”.

58.4 percent of the people said that they will be spending Easter with the other members of their household and that they will be following the advice against hosting larger social gatherings.

32.6 percent said they’ll be limiting their time spent with family and friends.

4.2 percent said that they’ll be spending Easter in quarantine – alone or with others, and 2.2 percent said that they will not make any changes this Easter and that they will be spending time with family and friends as usual. 2.6 percent were unsure of what their plans would be.

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