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Summer’s remaining music festivals: Voxbotn, G! Festival, Tórsfest, Summar Festival, Norð Festivalur

With this year’s festival season kicking off earlier this month with two events—Okkara Land in Tórshavn and the Country and Blues Festival in Sørvágur—five more festivals remain for music enthusiasts to look forward to in the Faroes this summer.

Next up is Voxbotn, held in Vágsbotnur, Tórshavn, on the last Saturday in June every year, meaning June 29th this time around. Headliners for this year’s Voxbotn include Danish Rapper Tessa and American vocalist Nick Carter, of Backstreet Boys fame. Other names include Peter A.G., Sámal Ravnsfjall, Justin Jesso, Tobias Rahim, Burhan G, Gobs, Jokeren, Janus Wiberg, Ester Skála, and Sommerson Band.

Then on July 18th to 20th, it’s time for this year’s edition of the G! Festival in Syðrugøta, featuring performances by Faroese artists such as Eivør, Teitur, and Hamferð, to name some, plus foreign acts like Icelandic group Of Monsters and Men. Here’s the full lineup for the G! Gestival: Highasakite, Of Monsters and Men, Eivør, Teitur, Swangah, Jamie Grey, The Longest Johns, Specktors, Omar Souleyman, JJ Paulo, Personal Trainer, Aggrasoppar, Hamferð, Enekk, Plúmm, Dania, Alice Boman, Rangar Finsson, GRÓA, Das Body, Einangran, Konsörn, Jógvan, Elinborg, Alias Morera, Knút, Aiming for Enrike, Ash Olsen, Agat, Sound of the Damned, Nelly Moar, Playmo, Silent Disco Club, Spælimenninir, DJ Quien, Samba Touré, James Blames, Songs From Tin Pan Alley, Silvurdrongur, Himmerland, Die Færøsche Polka Band, and üBERNöRD

Falling on the last Saturday before Ólavsøka, the Faroese national holiday, the Tórsfest music festival is held in central Tórshavn on July 26th, and will feature Danish DJ Hedegaard, Faroese folk-rock band Hamradun, Danish vocalist Rasmus Seebach, and British singer/songwriter Nik Kershaw. As announced so far, the full lineup includes Hedegaard, Frændur, Marius Ziska, Dynamit, Kári Fossdalsá, Adrenaline, Hamradun, Nik Kershaw, Páll Finnur Páll, and Rasmus Seebach.

Then the Summar Festival takes place in Klaksvík on August 8th to 10th, this time around featuring British singer/songwriter Olly Murs, British rock band Uriah Heep, and Faroese/Canadian music artist Lena Anderssen. Other artists to perform at this year’s Summar Festival: Faustix, Herborg Torkilsdóttir, Dania O. Tausen, RSP, Frændur, Jørgin Dahl, Hamradun, Paul Watchorn, Dynamit, Danny Baldursson, Sakaris, Son of Fortune, Gudny & Co, Adrenaline, and 21KNM.

The last music festival of the summer is the relatively new Norð Festivalur at Viðareiði on August 31st, to be held for only the second time. This year’s line up includes Faroese metal band Týr, vocalist Signar í Homrum, and Danish veteran pop band TV-2. Also to perform at Norð Festivalur: Eyðun, Terji & Kim, Grandma’s Basement, Vágaverk, Døgg Nónsgjógv, Maria R. á Heygum, Karl Martin Samuelsen, Jens Marni Hansen; Rut Brend & Mikklas Hvannastein, and Ottar Skottar.


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