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In Suðuroy, the unemployment rate is now a staggering 5,2%

The unemployment rate in the Faroe Islands rose from 2.0% in November 2017 to 2.2% in December 2017, according to Hagstova Føroya (the Faroese Statbank).

However, even though there has been an increase in the unemployment rate, the unemployment rate in the Faroe Islands is still lower than it was a year ago when it was 2.6%.

In December 2017 615 people in the Faroe Islands were unemployed as compared to 752 people around Christmas time 2016.

The island of Vágar has the lowest jobless rate, at 1.4% in December 2017, while it is slightly higher in the Tórshavn area, at 2.4% in December 2017.

Elsewhere, the jobless rate in Norðoyggjar – the Klaksvík area – stood at 1.6% in December 2017.

Suðuroy has the highest unemployment rate in the Faroe Islands, a staggering 5.2% in December 2017 – a 0.5 percentage point increase as compared to November 2017.

Image credits: Erik Christensen

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