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Successful Faroese salmon farming company receives high-profile visitors

Faroese salmon farming company Bakkafrost has received no less than two high-profile visits this week.

US ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands visited the successful Glyvrar-based company on Monday, while the Danish royal family paid a visit to the company earlier today.

Bakkafrost writes on its webpage about the visit of the US ambassador that the visit started with a tour of the new processing plant before a presentation of the company was given. According to Bakkafrost, Ms. Sands showed great interest in and was very pleased with the trade that Bakkafrost has with the United States.

Bakkafrost states that “it has in recent years developed the sales to the United States, and with the acquisition of North Landing the plan is to further expand and enhance sales and customer service.”

With regards to the royal visit to Bakkafrost, British newspaper Daily Mail writes that “they – Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark together with their four children – were all smiles as they are pictured on a visit to Bakkafrost, a Faroese salmon farming company based in Glyvrar. Prince Vincent and Christian can be seen holding up a large salmon as Princess Josephine and Isabella screw up the faces at the large fish.”

The royal family is currently on a four-day visit to the Faroe Islands.

Bakkafrost is the largest fish farming company in the Faroe Islands, and one of the biggest private employer in the islands, if not the biggest. Bakkafrost is the eighth-largest fish farming company in the world

Regin Jacobsen and his mother Oddvør Jacobsen are the main owners of Bakkafrost, Oddvør Jacobsen owns 9.5% of the shares and Regin Jacobsen owns 9.3% of the shares. There are currently more than 3000 different share owners from 22 countries.


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