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Stella’s hot seat: Janice C. Danielsen from the Philippines

Today I am going to ask Janice C. Danielsen from the Philippines 25 questions.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words!
– Simple, sweet, caring, funny and funny.

2. Why the Faroe Islands?
– Because a very special guy stole my heart and brought it here.

3. Any family back in Philippines?
–  Aside from my mother and siblings, I have three lovely kids there.

4. Education/occupation?
– I took Bachelor of Science in Education way back in the Philippines.
– Here, I’ve been helping in an Asian food catering. I am also doing some washing jobs and next week I will also be working part-time in Hotel Havn.

5. What do you dream to be?
– To be a chef.

6. Your all time favorite movie?
– Let me think…oh my gosh, hahaha, this is hard, I can’t think of a specific movie right now, but I always love to watch cartoon movies.

7. Last book you read?
– This is just a coincidence, hahaha! It would be my five months old baby’s book.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
– Still here in the Faroes, happily married to my husband.

9. Where would you like to have your perfect holiday?
– Oh, it would be in an island called Palawan in the Philippines!

10. What do you like most about your husband?
– I like everything about him.

11. Which household chores do you hate to do?
– I never really thought about this until now, hahaha! Now, I realized I hate folding clothes.

12. How would you describe the Faroe Islands?
– Amazing! This place is so amazing, very beautiful and peaceful.

13. Anything you wish you´d have here in the Faroe Islands?
– I think it would be a malunggay tree/moringa tree, hehehe.

14. Your favorite quote?
– Everything happens for a reason…

15. Any talents?
– Dancing alone? Hahaha! But seriously, I think I can dance.

16. Any hobbies?
– Cliff climbing! Hahaha, just kidding! I think it would be dancing and listening to music. I hope it is considered a hobby, hahaha!

17. What do you miss about Philippines?
– This might sound that I love to eat – but yeah I do, so the pinoy food.

18. Your favorite Faroese food?
– Grind og spik! I never thought I would love this cause the first time I saw it was on our wedding reception. By then I was like “eeewwww”, but then when I took the courage to try it, I was like “oh my god, I love it”!

19. Any weird experiences here?
– It was when I gave birth and my husband’s friends came by and congratulated us of course in Faroese. So there I was saying “takk fyri” (thank you) to every single person who greeted us. But then one time instead of saying “takk fyri” I replied “tillukku” (congratulations)!

20. If anyone should play you in a movie, who would it be?
– Angelina Jolie 🙂

21. Which time of the year is your favorite?
– It would be Christmas season, I think 🙂

22. Where would you prefer to live?
– Anywhere as long as my husband and kids are with me.

23. Any pets?
– I don’t have any pets.

24. Your religion?
– I believe in God but I can’t say I belong to a certain religion, but I respect every religion though.

25. What brings you joy in life?
– My family. Seeing them happy is more than enough.


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