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Stella’s Hot Seat: Annette Nielsen from Germany

Today I am going to ask Annette Nielsen from Germany 25 questions.

1. Who is Annette in your words?
– A busy Grandma.

2. Your favorite music?
– A triple Concerto by Beethoven.

3. Describe your family!
– A lovely family.

4. If you were an animal, what would you be?
– A bird that can fly everywhere.

5. Do you play any instruments?
– Yes. Guitar, Violin and piano.

6. Your hobby?
– Painting – acrylics & aquarell.

7. Where have you traveled?
– To: England, Finland, Norway,Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, India, Iceland, Russia,Austria, Switzerland ,the states, Shetland.

8. How many years have you lived in the Faroe Islands?
– Since 1982.

9. Who would play you in a movie?
– Janina Hartwig who plays Hanna in “Um Himmels Willen”.

10. Favorite books?
– Stephan Zweig, Thomas Mann, Dostojewskji, and the Bible.

11. Your most awkward experience?
– When my husband went out of the concertroom, in the middle of a clarinettconsert, very modern but only one tone.

12. Your dream?
– A computer who does what I want and not what I tell it.

13. Favorite cake?
– Schwarzwälderkirschtorte.

14. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
– To live nearer to my sister and brother.

15. Your best memory?
– Our trip to North Italy – Südtirol.

16. Who knows you best?
– My husband.

17. Describe your husband in your words!
– “We will fix it”.

18. What is top on your wish list?
– To have more time.

19. Favorite Faroese tradition?
– Flaggdagurin (the Flag Day, 25 April).

20. What do you miss about Germany?
– The old churches, forests and cozy restaurants.

21. Favorite flower?
– The big snowdrop.

22. Morning person or night owl?
– Morning person.

23. Your work?
– Music teacher.

24. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
– That I will be still swimming at seaside.

25. Any advice to other foreigners?
– Do not lose your identity, but learn the language so you can get integrated here.


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