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Stella’s Hot Seat: Reindolf Deku from Ghana

Today I am going to ask Reindolf Deku from Ghana 24 questions:

1. What do you see when you stand in front of a mirror?
– A man.

2. What’s your strength?
– Communication and stubbornness.

3. What do you consider to be your biggest weakness?
– Stubbornness.

4. Which quality do you seek in a friend?
– Loyalty

5. Describe your family!
– Beautiful challenge

6. Your favorite dish?
– Banku with okro soup.

7. What values in life do you miss here in the Faroe Islands?
– Church worship.

8. What is top on your bucket list?
– Watch a Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge before it’s renovated.

9. How would your wife describe you?
– Stubborn but thoughtful.

10. What is your occupation?
– Maskinmeistari (Engineer).

11. What are your dreams and goals?
– To help re-educate my country men.

12. Worst Faroese food?
– Whale meat…I just can’t keep it down..

13. What were you like as a child?
– I was active.

14. What would be the title of a movie about your life?
– Delasi.. (God hears).

15. Do you have any hidden talents?
– I am not sure.

16. What would you do if you win a million Kr?
– Put a down payment on a house (boring, but that’s where I am right now).

17. Your celebrity crush?
– Genevieve – a Nigerian actress from when I was in my teen years.

18. Descibe Ghana!
– Home sweet Home.

19. The Faroe islands through your eyes?
– A family oriented country.

20. What’s the most important advice you will give to your daughters?
– Love and stay honest with yourself and question everything.

21. Any phobias?
– I am not sure.

22. What are you most passionate about?
– Knowledge and education.

23. What are you proud of?
– My kids because they keep surprising me.

24. Your favorite quote?
– God can help you but you can still fail.


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