Staff of Michelin star restaurant KOKS to open new restaurant in Tórshavn

On Thursday, a new restaurant will open up its doors in Tórshavn.

The restaurant in question is Roks, a new pop-up restaurant managed by the staff of Faroese Michelin star restaurant KOKS. The restaurant will be located in Fútastova for a limited time.

– Roks is a relaxed restaurant with an emphasis on Faroese quality produce. The menu includes five dishes and guest will also have the opportunity to order additional side dishes, says Poul Andrias Ziska, head chef.

The restaurant will also have a special wine table where guests can stop by to enjoy a glass of wine along with appetisers. The wine selection includes some of the most popular wines served at Koks during the last couple of years. Among the other drinks available are the special Koks ale, roks cocktails and homemade, alcohol-free soft drinks.

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