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Spectacular aurora light up the sky over Múlafossur

Capturing the iconic Múlafossur waterfall amid a stunning burst of the Northern lights is something out of the ordinary—yet that is what Swedish landscape photographer Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist could celebrate last Sunday.

“I captured my dream shot,” she exclaimed. “March 24th saw record strong Northern lights so I went to Gásadalur to see if I could catch Múlafossur along with the aurora. As it turned out sky cleared up for only 30 minutes and unbelievably that was enough for magic to happen. I’d been there waiting for hours. It was looking all hopeless as the sky remained cloudy with no signs of clearing. So I was just going to quit when all of a sudden things changed at around 9pm.”

“It’s been my dream of many years to capture the Northern lights at this iconic place,” Mustonen-Dahlkvist added. “The scenery is already spectacular but the aurora would add a very special magical feeling to it. But it’s not very easy because the Faroes is not on the real northern lights belt and it’s often very cloudy in the winter time. So when I saw the aurora forecasts for Sunday, I went straight to Gásadalur even if it was very cloudy. Hoping for a miracle I waited there for three hours and just before I started to give up, the night sky suddenly cleared up just for about half an hour and the lights started exploding right above the waterfall. All of a sudden I could take the picture I’d been planning for years!”

Mustonen-Dahlkvist said she’d been more than 20 times at the scene in the hope of catching the Northern lights there. She is currently on a photo tour in Iceland and Faroe, preparing a photo exhibition.

“I want to explore everything about the Faroe Islands,” she said. “Already now I have a collection of over 10,000 photographs so I’m sorting them out now for the editing process. By the way, I got some stunning shots on Monday of the snow in Vágar.”


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