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Special Faroese language classes for children of immigrant background to continue next year in Tórshavn

For many years, the Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli (Tórshavn Evening School) has offered courses in Faroese for adult immigrants, and in February, a so-called Reception Class commenced at the school with as many as 14 immigrant children who were taught Faroese as a second language.

The children were 5th to 8th graders from various schools in the Municipality of Tórshavn, and succeeded in learning the language to such a degree that they no reportedly longer needed this special language class.

“In light of the success of the past couple of months, the municipal council has decided that the course arrangement be continued for another year,” Heðin Mortensen, the mayor of Tórshavn, was quoted as stating.

For the past four months the Municipality of Tórshavn has collaborated with national authorities to provide similar language lessons for immigrant children, offering transportation from their respective schools to the Tórshavn Evening School.

Although the school is indeed an evening school, these Faroese language lessons for foreigners — led by teachers Jóna Kristin Thomsen, Vár Haraldsen, and Ragnhild Olsen — are held every Monday through Friday morning from 8 AM to 9:40 AM.


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