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Sørvágur will welcome a new seine vessel in April

If everything goes according to plan, the village of Sørvágur in the western part of the Faroe Islands will welcome a new seine vessel at the end of April.

Vestlandsnytt.no reported on Tuesday that Norwegian seine vessel Herøy has been sold to a company in the Faroe Islands. Vestlandsnytt.no added that the seine vessel, currently owned by Norwegian company Eros, will be handed to the new owners on April 30.

Yesterday, Faroese news site Portal.fo wrote that it is Tummas Henriksen‘s company from the village of Sørvágur which has bought the seine vessel.

Portal.fo added that the deal has not yet been fully finalised and that it hinges on the distribution of the so called development quotas.

Up to 8.5% of the total quotas for all types of fish can be allocated as development quotas and will be part of development plans for the industry across the islands. Development quotas will be used to support projects which promote adding value to marine resources, particularly in areas that currently have limited access to marine resources and where unemployment rates tend to be higher than average.

Herøy, previously named Zeta, was built in 1997.


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