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Social Democrats and Unionists elected to Danish Parliament

Danish Election 2019: The Faroese Social Democrats (Javnaðarflokkurin) retained their seat in the Folketing.

While the Faroese Unionist Party (Sambandsflokkurin) won the other seat.

That is clear after yesterday’s vote.

Meanwhile, the Republicans (Tjóðveldi) came fourth and, thus, lost their seat in the Danish Parliament.

Sjúrður Skaale and Edmund Joensen have been elected as the Faroese representatives in the Danish Parliament. They also served from 2011-15, while the latter lost out to Magni Arge (Tjóðveldi) in 2015.

Voter turnout yesterday was 70.3% – a little bit higher than expected. 26.206 out of 37.264 voters went to the polls.

Unionist Party 28.3% (+4.8%)
Social Democrats 25.5% (+1.3%)
People’s Party 23.8% (+5.1%)
Republican Party 18.6% (-5.9%)
Progress 2.5% (-0.8%)
Self-Government 1.3% (-0.4%)

The Folketing consists of 179 members all elected for a four-year term or until the Prime Minister (via the Queen-in-council) calls for elections, whichever comes first. 175 members are elected in Denmark proper, while Greenland and the Faroe Islands each elect 2 members separately.


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