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Slideshow: Mount Sornfelli winter photo safari

During the weekend we went on a 4-hour winter photo safari to the summit of mount Sornfelli on the island Streymoy. The skies were blue and clear and the views, needless to say in this case, were both spectacular and breathtaking.

We didn’t bring much equipment as snow and cold winds were bound to take their toll and we had a long walk before us. Of course we made sure to wear proper warm clothing including good boots and gloves; remember, the climate in the Faroese mountains is Arctic. But take note, cold fingers can be a bitch when operating a camera, however operating it can be cumbersome when wearing gloves.

So we took the Oyggjarvegur mountain road from Tórshavn at noon and drove just past Mjørkadalur to park our van there at the exit to the narrow, 3.6-kilometer upper mountain road that leads all the way up to what was once a military early warning radar station.

Boy what a trip! The scenery was absolutely stunning virtually all over, making the strenuous hiking — at times in thick show, occasionally on slippery ice — worth every minute of it. So we took pictures non-stop, cold fingers be damned.

Back in Tórhavn around 4pm we were indeed exhausted yet very pleased with the catch of the day. Below are a few of the photos we got.


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